Jim Carrey Goes Clean Off The Rails – Says Republican Leader Is ‘Worse Than America’s Nemesis’

He’s really lost it this time – I can’t believe he said it!
A vocal critic of President Donald Trump and his entire administration, Jim Carrey has often targeted GOP members with his rants.
He has even produced a series of shockingly nasty paintings, many of which are just too grotesque to post here, some against President Trump… I’ll spare you.
But now, this self-described “activist” has crossed a bright red line… we’re pretty sure he’s lost his marbles.
This guy really IS losing his mind!
Look, all McConnell has done is back the President on any gun bills Trump supports. That’s about it.
And you’re comparing a duly elected official of the United States to a violent hater of America, who eliminated over 3,000 citizens in a vicious assault on this country.
There’s a giant gap between these two people, Jim.
Regardless of McConnell’s stance on gun rights or gun reform, he’s not in the same universe as one of America’s greatest enemies.
And to make this comparison is to paint all Republicans (yeah, I’m using an artistic reference) with the same “evil” brush.
This is just unacceptable and wrong.
This is exactly the sort of over-the-top accusation that many Americans despise. It’s outrageous and insulting in a dozen different ways.
Carrey, you’ve gone WAY too far this time … and I hope millions on social media let you know it!
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