Trump complains that all he sees in all the TV he watches is ‘hatred of me at any cost’

President Trump is worried about the media, he tweeted late Sunday night, as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and congressional leaders were furiously working to iron out differences in a massive coronavirus stimulus/bailout package. “I watch and listen to the Fake News, CNN, MSDNC, ABC, NBC, CBS, some of FOX (desperately & foolishly pleading to be politically correct), the @nytimes, & the @washingtonpost, and all I see is hatred of me at any cost,” he tweeted. “Don’t they understand that they are destroying themselves?”

Republican pollster Frank Luntz pointed out that Trump, at least in the past, denied watching much TV and said he “seldom, if ever” watched CNN or MSNBC.

Maybe Trump has broadened his buffet of news sources as president, or at least his “executive time” to watch and read the news. But sleep is good, too, especially when there’s a dangerous new virus on the loose.

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